Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

Clemens Holzmann (Redakteur*in), Rene Mayrhofer (Redakteur*in), Jonna Häkkilä (Redakteur*in), Enrico Rukzio (Redakteur*in), Michael Roland (Redakteur*in)

Publikation: Buch/BerichtBuch (Herausgeberwerk)Begutachtung


On behalf of the organizing committee for MUM 2015, we would like to welcome you to this 14th edition of the International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, held at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria from November 30 to December 2, 2015. The MUM conference series is a distinguished forum for advances in research and technologies that drives innovation in mobile and multimedia systems, applications, and services. At MUM academics and practitioners gather to discuss challenges and achievements from diverse perspectives, in a comfortable and effective single track conference format. This year we received 89 full and short research paper submissions surrounding these topics. A rigorous review process followed where each paper received at least three reviews from international experts. After this review process, 25 full papers and 8 short papers were selected to appear in these proceedings and to be presented at the conference. This results in an acceptance rate of 37% for 2015. In addition to the regular paper submissions, MUM 2015 is happy to feature a poster and a demo track again, with 15 accepted posters and 5 accepted demos. This year we introduce a video track with 3 accepted videos as well as a doctoral school with 3 accepted submissions. Altogether, 26 submissions to adjunct categories were accepted for publication in addition to the 33 full and short papers. In addition, we are pleased to have two keynotes this year. The opening keynote is held by Hans Gellersen, Professor at Lancaster University, United Kingdom, and the closing keynote is held by Gerfried Stocker, Artistic Director at Ars Electronica, Austria.
VerlagACM Press
ISBN (Print)978-1-4503-3605-5
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2015


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