Optical Modelling of a Linear Fresnel Concentrator for the Development of a Spectral Splitting Concentrating Photovoltaic Thermal Receiver

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Concentrating photovoltaic thermal (CPVT) solar collectors can be regarded as a promising technology, as they are capable of providing renewable electricity and industrial heat simultaneously. The development of a novel CPVT receiver for a linear Fresnel concentrator requires detailed knowledge about the optical performance of the utilised mirror field. Therefore, this paper presents a generic optical model for such concentrating solar systems. The model was developed in MATLAB™ and calculates the sun’s position depending on the location, date and time. The subsequent geometrical computation of each mirror stripe angle is the basis for the detailed consideration of internal shading mechanisms that are typical for Fresnel mirror concentrators. Furthermore, the cosine losses are determined separately for each mirror. The outcomes of the developed model
comprise the optical performance parameters of the considered Fresnel mirror field, such as the geometric efficiency, resulting irradiance in the receiver input plane, expected width of the focus image, concentration factor and total radiant flux impinging the receiver. Due to the chosen design of the model, its application is not limited to a particular kind of Fresnel concentrator. By contrast, all geometric parameters, such as the number of mirrors, the dimensions of the mirrors and the receiver, among others, can be freely adjusted.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 14 Juli 2023