Mechatronic and Cyber-Physical Systems within the Domain of the Internet of Things

Peter Hehenberger, David Bradley, Abbas Dehghani, Patrick Traxler

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There has been a shift in emphasis within systems from hardware-oriented to more software-oriented topics integrated in an overlaying communication framework (e.g., cloud-based services). This chapter presents current research in the field of the interaction between mechatronic and cyber-physical systems. It presents solution basics design methods that are illustrated by some real-world applications. The discussed case studies (Smart Home, Bio-mechatronic Systems, Cyber-Physical Production System, Data-driven analysis) provide illustration of applications involving different functional distributions of activity between the 4 key elements of people, data, mechatronics and cyber-physical system.

TitelSystems Engineering in Research and Industrial Practice
UntertitelFoundations, Developments and Challenges
ISBN (elektronisch)9783030333126
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 20 Jän. 2020


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