Large scale predictability analysis of process variables from injection molding machines

Shailesh Tripathi, Christian Mittermayr, David Muhr, Herbert Jodlbauer

Publikation: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftKonferenzartikelBegutachtung


This paper analyzes the process variable data from injection molding processes to identify the key process variables, which can be predicted by other process variables, which highlights the interdependence among different process variables in various production scenarios. The available data from injection molding machines provide information for the run-time, setup parameters of machines, and measurements of different process variables through sensors. For predictive modeling, we employed different linear regression models with the recursive backward feature selection and SVM regression models using a radial kernel to predict nonlinear process variables. We also applied the linear and SVM regression models for outlier data in the process variables assuming that the upper bound outliers represent the perturbed state of process variables during production. These perturbations are affected by material type, machine type (age and performance), regime changes, or other external effects and subsequently affect the predictability of process variables and production output. Such cases are different compared to the normal or controlled range of process variables. Our analysis shows that the predictability varies for different material types due to the interdependence of the associated process variables. We further highlight that various process variables exhibit nonlinear relationships and cannot be predicted using linear models. We additionally look for the interdependence of process variables used previously by three studies as input features to predict product quality.

Seiten (von - bis)545-560
FachzeitschriftProcedia Computer Science
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2021
Veranstaltung2nd International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, ISM 2020 - Virtual, Online, Österreich
Dauer: 23 Nov 202025 Nov 2020


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