Digital Natives’ Entrepreneurial Mindset: A Comparative Study in Emerging Markets

Piotr Kwiatek, Stavros Papakonstantinidis, Radoslav Baltezarevic

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Recent studies conducted in Europe and in the Middle East found growing interest of young entrepreneurs in using social media as a venue for business activities. The Digital Natives (DNs), young people who cannot recall their lives without the Internet and digital devices, are thought to be the most entrepreneurial generation so far. In this chapter, the authors take a closer look at the role of gender in entrepreneurship and provide more insights for effective policy-shaping with the DNs in mind. This study adopts a quantitative approach to compare the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) of DNs from two frontier markets, Serbia, and Kuwait and examines the gender differences in entrepreneurial intention (EI) and entrepreneurial capacity. The study shows that female respondents demonstrate a positive attitude toward using social media for entrepreneurial activities. Although technology drives EI, female DNs should receive more guidance and encouragement to feel more confident to start a business. Extending previous studies, the authors discuss the prominent role of social approvals and expert guidance in driving the EM.

TitelThe Emerald Handbook of Women and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies
Herausgeber (Verlag)Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
ISBN (elektronisch)9781800713260
ISBN (Print)9781800713277
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Jän. 2021


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