Determinants of Mobile Communications Technology User Acceptance: Model to Explain Mobile Communications Technology Usage

    Publikation: Typen von AbschlussarbeitenDissertation


    Mobile communications technologies like the universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) change business and society, and mobile communications technologies present unique opportunities and challenges for enterprises in the information and communications industry.
    Determining user acceptance of a technology is difficult but an important part of information systems research. There is currently no complete model that explains user acceptance particular of UMTS. Using the technology acceptance model (TAM) and a method of structural equation modeling, specifically the partial least squares (PLS) approach, this research analyzes the system usage of UMTS. Survey data from 127 subjects are used to test a set of cause-effect relationship hypotheses based on eight latent variables. The hypothesized interrelationships between the eight latent variables lead to a causal model, which is proven to hold.
    This present research supports the applicability of the technology acceptance model and its extensions in order to examine UMTS user acceptance. The result shows that users' perceptions are significantly associated with their motivational and behavioral aspects to use UMTS.
    Specifically, the latent variables intention to use, perceived resources, perceived trust, perceived usefulness, attitude toward using, perceived ease of use and social influence have an significant effect on UMTS system usage. Applying the proposed model during early user acceptance testing would involve demonstrating UMTS services to potential users and measuring their motivation to use the services. The findings of this research should be interested to firms in their general effort to increase the user acceptance of UMTS or next generation technologies, and to understand the factors, which are affecting UMTS system usage.
    OriginalspracheEnglisch (Amerika)
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    • Johannes Kepler University Linz
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    • Roithmayr, Friedrich, Betreuer*in, Externe Person
    Datum der Bewilligung11 Juli 2011
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 11 Juli 2011


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