Change Management in Software Development by Models for Technology Transition

Dagmar Auer, Heinz Dobler

Publikation: Beitrag in Buch/Bericht/TagungsbandKonferenzbeitrag


Change seems to be the only constancy in IS technology. Therefore, software producers have to steadily improve their ability to deal with change to achieve higher levels of quality as well as higher productivity and efficiency by using newer technology and process models. We present the findings of a project resulting in a technology transition model that has been developed using an empirical study based on qualitative methods. Experience gained from the project shows, that it is not technology that fundamentally influences the success or failure of the transition process. As we concentrate on managerial aspects, the model supports the planning and design of the transition to avoid or at least cope with the most common and serious problems. It provides a rough framework describing important organizational aspects stressing the importance of information and communication, participation and education as well as training to support the acceptance of the changes. Main aspects of the model are covered and - as next major transitions in software development are just ahead of us - we speculate on the application of the model for these challenges
TitelIDIMT 2000
Herausgeber (Verlag)Trauner Verlag Linz
ISBN (Print)3-85487-153-8
PublikationsstatusAngenommen/Im Druck - 2000
VeranstaltungIDIMT 2000 - Zadov, Tschechische Republik
Dauer: 20 Sep. 200022 Sep. 2000


KonferenzIDIMT 2000
Land/GebietTschechische Republik


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