Austrian Masterplan Thermal Energy Storage

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Novel, compact thermal energy storage technologies are of key importance to achieve long-term renewable energy targets. Only with a programmed approach for fundamental and applied R&D and industrial development, it is possible to get these technologies to the market. The project aim is to set up the Masterplan-TES-AT that describes the actions and measures needed to obtain the proper R,D&D infrastructure in Austria The research project coordinated by ASiC- Austria Solar Innovation Center together with cooperation partners was proposed within the 3rd call of Neue Energien 2020 of the Austrian Klima- und Energiefonds. The project group is constituted from experts from the following organizations in Austria: ASiC, AEE INTEC, AIT (former ARSENAL Research), IWT-Graz In this paper, an indication of the potential of the storage technologies is given. Which contribution can they give to the Austrian renewable energy production in 2020 and in the long term (technical potential), which technologies are best suited for the different fields of application? The Masterplan gives a description of the activities that need to be undertaken to arrive at a substantial contribution of thermal energy storage technologies to the renewable energy production in Austria in the long term. AUSTRIAN MASTERPLAN THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE The storage of thermal energy is of key importance to arrive at a very high share of renewable heat in the Austrian energy consumption mix. Especially for solar thermal energy the fraction of renewable heat in households, utilities and industrial processes can only attain high values if existing thermal storage technologies are greatly improved and novel technologies are developed. The technologies for storage of thermal energy can be divided into sensible heat storage, latent heat storage, sorption heat storage and thermochemical storage. In this sequence, the first technology has the broadest application and less potential for improvement, while the last has the highest potential but is still in an early research stage. The broad range of technologies, materials and system applications involved implies that the further development can only be done by universities and institutes collaborating on a national and international scale. The effective development of new and improved thermal storage technologies needs a well established R&D network, in which there is a programmed collaboration between industry, R&D institutes and universities. At present, Austria has a strong solar thermal industry and a well established collaboration between industry, institutes and universities in the field of technological and industrial development. The fundamental and applied research in the field of materials and components for storage, however, are not yet on a proper level. The goal of this project is to compose a Masterplan for Thermal Energy Storage research and development in Austria. In this Masterplan, the necessary and desired research and development activities are described in order to substantially increase the renewable share of heat in the future. The work is done by the four Austrian institutes that have the best knowledge of thermal storage technologies. All stakeholders in Austria are involved in the preparation process, through interviews and workshops. For each technology development a time line is described, stating the activities to be unfold on the level of fundamental, applied and industrial research. Since the Project is on-going the paper gives a résumé of the first part of the document: state of the art, potential of the technologies, and description of desired applications. Description of state of the art thermal storage technologies: sensible storage in water, phase change materials, sorption materials and thermochemical storage, and a description of relevant national actors and projects.
TitelProceedings of the Int. Conf. on Solar Heating, Cooling and Buildings, Graz
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2010
VeranstaltungInt. Conf. on Solar Heating, Cooling and Buildings - Graz, Österreich
Dauer: 28 Sep. 20101 Okt. 2010


KonferenzInt. Conf. on Solar Heating, Cooling and Buildings


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