Analysis of knowledge transfer of inland waterway transport on the Danube towards a positive attitude

Denise Beil, Lisa-Maria Putz-Egger

Publikation: KonferenzbeitragPapierBegutachtung


The aim of this paper is the analysis of currently available teaching formats and didactics-methodical approaches for awareness raising of inland waterway transport among seven- to fourteen-year-old students (primary and lower secondary school). Teaching formats and didactics-methodical approaches for awareness raising were explored through an extensive literature review. The found formats were then examined in terms of their degree of use and popularity. Furthermore, interviews with 20 experts from various fields (n = 20) were conducted to obtain information regarding the integration of sustainable logistics and inland waterway transport into an educational background. The main contribution of the paper is the investigation and examination of knowledge transfer on the topic of “inland waterways as an environmentally friendly mode of transport” for the target group of seven- to fourteen-year-old students. Therefore, suitable formats for a target group-oriented knowledge-transfer were investigated, measured and structured. As a result, a matrix of existing and desired materials was created including formats, tools and methods which were assessed and examined. The matrix serves as a basis for further development of formats and materials suitable for the primary and secondary schoolers.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2023
VeranstaltungSmart Rivers 2022 - virtuell / China
Dauer: 18 Okt. 202221 Okt. 2022


KonferenzSmart Rivers 2022


  • inland waterway transport
  • training materials
  • didactics
  • knowledge transfer