A simulation approach for multi-stage supply chain optimization to analyze real world transportation effects

Andreas Josef Peirleitner, Klaus Altendorfer, Thomas Felberbauer

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The cost effective management of a supply chain under stochastic influences, e.g. in demand or the replenishment lead time, is a critical issue. In this paper a multi-stage and multi-product supply chain is investigated where each member uses the (s,Q)-policy for inventory management. A bi-objective optimization problem to minimize overall supply chain costs while maximizing service level for retailers is studied. Optimal parameter levels for reorder points and lot sizes are evaluated. In a first step a streamlined analytical solution approach is tested to identify optimal parameter settings. For real applications, this approach neglects the dynamics and interdependencies of the supply chain members. Therefore a simulation-based approach, combining an evolutionary algorithm with simulation, is used for the optimization. The simulation-based approach further enables the modelling of additional real world transportation constraints. The numerical simulation study highlights the potential of simulation-based optimization compared to analytical models for multi-stage multi-product supply chains.

Titel2016 Winter Simulation Conference
UntertitelSimulating Complex Service Systems, WSC 2016
Redakteure/-innenTheresa M. Roeder, Peter I. Frazier, Robert Szechtman, Enlu Zhou
ISBN (elektronisch)9781509044863
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2 Juli 2016
Veranstaltung2016 Winter Simulation Conference - Arlington, Virginia, USA/Vereinigte Staaten
Dauer: 11 Dez. 201614 Dez. 2016


NameProceedings - Winter Simulation Conference
ISSN (Print)0891-7736


Konferenz2016 Winter Simulation Conference
Land/GebietUSA/Vereinigte Staaten
OrtArlington, Virginia


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