SESAME S: Semantic Smart Metering - Services für Energy Efficient Houses

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The SESAME project (running from September 2009 to November 2010) resulted in a technical solution that actively assists end-consumers to make well-informed decisions and control regarding their energy consumption. The SESAME solution is a full-fledged prototype covering the whole energy value chain: a sensor and smart metering solution that can be installed in the house, equipped with the semantic software and user interfaces performing reasoning and control of the house on the basis on defined policies, sensor inputs and interactions.

While SESAME has developed the initial concept and demonstrated its technical feasibility as well as the customers′ interest to acquire it as a commercial service, the focus of SESAME-S was to extend the resulting system with an extended set of production quality attractive services, and to prepare its roll-out to the market, i.e. achieve a joint commercial service bringing monetary revenues to the main consortium partners.
KurztitelSESAME S: Semantic Smart Metering - Services für Energy Efficient Houses
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