LOG-LNG Masterplan



he LNG Masterplan aims to create a platform for the cooperation of authorities and industry stakeholders with the purpose to facilitate the creation of a harmonized European regulatory framework for LNG as fuel and cargo in inland navigation and to promote the introduction of LNG as a fuel and cargo for inland shipping. It delivers technical concepts for new and retrofitted vessels being propelled by LNG and transporting LNG as well as a significant number of pilot deployments of vessels and terminals. It also develops a comprehensive strategy together with a detailed roadmap for the implementation of LNG in line with the EU transport/energy/environmental policy goals and actions.

The LNG Masterplan not only considers inland navigation to be a pioneer market for LNG as transport fuel but also an enabler to bring LNG cost-effectively from the seaports to the customers (fuel & energy) in major industrial areas along the inland waterways. This facilitates a wide-scale development of LNG as fuel and as energy source. LNG is considered to be an important opportunity for the inland waterway transport sector, but it certainly will not be a remedy for all the structural and economic problems in IWT. All the work will be based on a realistic and integrated European approach. One of the visions of the LNG Masterplan is that the inland ports on the Rhine-Main-Danube axis will become key distribution centres for LNG. Inland terminals will function as satellites to the hinterland, enabling LNG to reach other pioneer markets like the public (transport) sector and the heavy duty transport industry (buses, garbage collection trucks, city logistics) and the energy industry.

The LNG Masterplan aims to:

Identify and quantify pioneer markets and customers in the inland ports hinterland
Analyse costs and savings/benefits of LNG use
Transfer know-how from maritime into inland navigation sector and raise awareness
Facilitate the creation of a harmonised European regulatory framework considering LNG as fuel and as cargo for inland navigation
Deliver technical concepts for new and retrofitted vessels
Elaborate supply chains to reach end-consumer
Execute pilot deployments of vessels and terminals
Develop a comprehensive strategy with a detailed roadmap for the implementation of LNG in line with the EU policies in transport, energy and environment
Prepare wide-scale deployment with the help of CEF & other EU programs
KurztitelLOG-LNG Masterplan
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende01.01.201330.06.2015


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