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The PhD Program „Digital Business International“ is a joint initiative of University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (UASUA) and Johannes Kepler University of Linz (JKU) together with the local government of Upper Austria.

Topic of the PhD Program

Living in the Digital Business era, today we are witnessing rapid social and technological developments in electronic/mobile/social commerce (no-line commerce). Digital Business managers, as well as system engineers, are daily confronted with the challenges resulting from these rapid developments. Among others, designing innovative web user interfaces, along with conversion optimization, are major activities defining firms’ success potential. Understanding of user behavior and information needs on the one hand, but also relevant concepts, processes, and technologies on the other hand, is an inevitable precondition for designing and managing online businesses successfully in the context of Internet commerce and online innovation.

Generally, PhD candidates can suggest topics within the wider area of Digital Business on different levels of analysis, including individual, group, organization, and society. However, it is important to have a focus on human aspects, and therefore topics with a dominant or even pure technical focus are not considered.

Contributions could be related, for example, to the following topics:

- Digital transformation processes in the context of Digital Business

- Using Big Data and protecting user´s privacy

- User experience and usability in the context of Digital Business

- Modeling of human behavior and understanding of human information needs

- HCI relevant aspects for Digital Business

- Negative aspects of Internet use, such as technostress or Internet addiction 

Methodologically, the program is open to all research methods, including experimental research and survey studies, but also qualitative methods such as case study or interview. Moreover, design science research is welcome.

KurztitelDoktoratsprogramm Digital Business International
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende01.08.201531.12.2019


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