What craving finds – freedom of choice in a post-postmodern world?

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What craving finds – freedom of choice in a post-postmodern world?
The post-postmodern era might provide a perfect breeding ground for the phenomenon of substance abuse. Both the use and abuse of substances could be interpreted as a craving for an alternative solution. For systems theorists, contingency and coherence play an important role in this process. This workshop discusses the conscious construction of coherence as a central issue in harnessing individual freedom. Psychoactive substances could be serving as a crutch in the attempt to avoid contingency and ambivalence, thus severely limiting individuals. Especially transitioning from one life fragment to another makes it hard for individuals to sustain their sense of coherence. We will inquire into how the use of psychoactive substances initially supports individuals in their attempt to develop a coherent self and what sort of support a post-postmodern therapeutic approach could provide. In addition, we will briefly discuss differences in national legal frameworks limiting the use of psychoactive substances.
Zeitraum2 März 20207 März 2020
EreignistitelGuest lecture week Groningen
OrtGroningen, NiederlandeAuf Karte anzeigen


  • substance abuse, post-postmodern, contingency, coherence, ambivalence, psychoactive substances