User-Centric Usability Evaluation For Enterprise 2.0 Platforms: A complementary multi-method approach

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Enterprise 2.0 projects offer a great potential for enabling the effective identification, generation and utilization of information and knowledge within complex organizational processes; and have a deep impact on organizational changes. This paper focuses on a usability methodology, whereby the critical success factors include (i) efficient organization, (ii) guided by organizational needs, (iii) dealing with organizational complexity, and (iv) providing end user requirements. We present a complementary multi-method approach of user-centric usability evaluation methods including eye tracking, heuristic evaluation and a feedback blog. This evaluation approach in combination with continuous user training allows comprehensive enhancement of ability and motivation of the users, which leads to excellent project performance.
Zeitraum20 Juli 2011
EreignistitelInternational Conference on e-Business (ICE-B 2011)
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