Transformational leadership at HEIs – A soluble paradox?

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HEIs are currently challenged to cope with higher levels of uncertainty and complexity and to converge towards more entrepreneurially oriented institutions. In order to develop a more entrepreneurial culture and to make maximum use of effective entrepreneurial behaviour suitable leadership and governance practices which are able to lead change are crucial. Thus, common values and missions might become more important than detailed control systems to grow and thrive entrepreneurial universities. Hence, alongside distributed leadership different leadership practices seem to be required. When HE organisational change is increasingly led by a more entrepreneurial rationale charismatic/ transformational leadership might be on the rise even though, on the face of it, these leadership concepts do not appear particularly effective due to the sector’s unique characteristics. Still, charismatic/ transformational leadership is rated as especially effective in unstable and complex situations.
Zeitraum2 Sep. 2016
Ereignistitel38th EAIR Forum
OrtBirmingham, Großbritannien/Vereinigtes KönigreichAuf Karte anzeigen