The contribution of logistics to a sustainable development of the Austrian business location in 2030

  • Christian W. Flotzinger (Redner*in)
  • Hannelore Hofmann-Prokopczyk (Redner*in)
  • Friedrich Starkl (Redner*in)

Aktivität: Gespräch oder VortragVortrag


Coordination between politics and economy is a highly discussed theme when talk-ing about sustainable development. Requirements of the domestic industry are rarely consistent with the framework of social, legal and regulatory policies. The setting of the general political conditions depends on the policy. Although there are often differences and discrepancies between the political supply and the industrial demand, both parties should be highly interested in a successful sustainable development of the domestic business location in an international context. Especially the discipline of logistics can play a major role and considerably contributes to a sus-tainable development, provided that the political framework is appropriate. Essential for logistical processes within the domestic economy is the infrastructure and transportation system, the relevant legal regulations and standards as well as ecological issues.
Zeitraum6 Nov. 2008
EreignistitelFH Science Day 2008
OrtLinz, ÖsterreichAuf Karte anzeigen