The Acceptance of Biofuels and Bioethanol – Results of an opinion poll

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The successful usage of bioethanol as fuel requires the wide-spread acceptance of consumers. Due to the planned introduction of a 10 per cent proportion of bioethanol in petrol in Austria, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria carried out a telephone opinion poll to gather information on the populations’ acceptance of biofuels. Based on this survey, interviews with important stakeholders were held to discuss the results and collect recommendations on how to increase the information level and acceptance. The results indicate that there is a lack of interest and information about biofuels, especially among young people and women. First generation bioethanol is strongly linked to food wasting, but the acceptance of the second generation, produced from agricultural remnants, is considerably higher. The interviewees see transparent, objective and less technical focused information of biofuels as an essential way to raise the information level and acceptance rate.
Zeitraum23 Sep. 2013
Ereignistitel12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
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