Talking about students’ sense of belonging – Targeting dropout and fostering the social and academic integration of beginner students

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The networking space will introduce and discuss input generated within the Erasmus+ funded ENTRANTS project (Enhancing the transition of non-traditional students,
A lacking sense of belonging within higher education, both regarding connections to fellow students as well as the identification with the institution and academic life itself, represents one of the three major reasons students drop out and break off their higher education experience. Especially for under-represented/ non-traditional groups, such as first-in-family students or those with a migration or BME background, mature students or women in STEM, feeling out of place can be considered the main reason for student departure, more so than academic difficulties or having chosen the wrong study programme.
Support offerings that single out certain groups of students considered particularly in need of help can trigger “Othering” effects or “stereotype threat” and end up being somewhat counterproductive to enhancing a “sense of belonging. Experience has even shown that support offerings targeting specific groups (such as students with a migration background, women in certain fields) are not taken on by students as they are to some extent perceived as stigmatising. This NetS is supposed to reflect this in discussing an “anticategorial approach” essentially targeting all students alike in order to enhance their “sense of belonging”.
NetS-participants will gain a multi-perspective view on beginner student’s very diverse experiences and challenges. In addition, the workshop will set anti-categorial support measures targeting all students alike for discussion and will thus address the important topic of inclusivity in HE.
Zeitraum10 Sep. 2021
Ereignistitel43rd Annual Forum: EAIR 2021
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