Statistical analysis of Multi-Material Components using Dual Energy CT

  • Christoph Heinzl (Redner*in)

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The presented work describes a novel method for statistical analysis of multi-material-components. The application scenario is industrial 3D Xray computed tomography (3DCT), emphasizing metrology of artefact affected plastics-metal components, which feature high differences in attenuation. The presented work makes use of dual energy CT data acquisition for artefact reduction purposes and for optimizing scans of multi-materialcomponents. Using statistical analysis, information on uncertainty is introduced, which allows a detailed characterization of single materials as well as material interfaces. The major contribution of this paper is the development of a specific pipeline, which is based on the dual exposure technique of dual energy CT. After the multi-scan fusion step, the statistical analysis is carried out by computing probability volumes using a local histogram analysis technique. The application areas as well as the achieved precision of the presented method are depicted using a test specimen and a real world component.
Zeitraum8 Okt. 2008
Ereignistitel13th International Fall Workshop on Vision, Modelling, and Visualization 2008
OrtKonstanz, Germany, DeutschlandAuf Karte anzeigen