Simulation-based optimization approach for PI networks

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Physical Internet (PI) aims to connect single logistics network together, to create an open and global transportation network. Within the opening and globalization, the networks complexity rises through the consideration of many restrictions. Due to the high complexity of such networks special methods have to be developed to solve this kind of complex problems. One already known approach to solve such a task, is simulation-based optimization. Simulation-based optimization combines the two phase’s optimization and simulation with each other, whereas the optimization is used to generate valid solution candidates, which are evaluated through the simulation. Due to the intricacy of the networks, metaheuristics are used for the optimization process. Based on the already known problem representation a new problem representation of vehicle routing for PI-networks containing a new date encoding was developed. For the creation of solution candidates, a genetic algorithm is used and therefore some new manipulation methods, which are suitable for the new data-encoding, have been implemented. Since a PI-network is a complex system with many nodes of different types, the simulation has to evaluate the candidates from the optimization step in a reasonable time. Therefore, a new algorithm for the simulation step was developed. This new approach lacks a bit of intelligence, but is more time efficient than a conventional simulation.
Zeitraum11 Juli 2018
Ereignistitel29th European Conference On Operational Research
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