Quantitative analysis of the challenges in the mathematics courses of the international study program Electrical Engineering at the FH Campus Wels. Implementation of measures to reduce the dropout rate and current situation.

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In this talk I present the results of the quantitative survey that was used to create a detailed
analysis of the challenges encountered in the mathematics courses in the 1st and 2nd semester of
the Electrical Engineering programme at the FH Campus Wels in 2021. The already known
challenge of the Corona measures is clearly confirmed here. However, suspected language
comprehension problems or lack of interest in mathematics are clearly refuted.
Furthermore, I discuss supporting measures desired by the students to reduce the drop-out rate
and go into the current status, which measures could already be implemented and whether first
significant effects can already be observed in the last winter semester 2021/22. The strongest
support for students is clearly the provision of sample exams. Other desired measures are the
provision of short explanatory videos accompanying the script, additional tutorials given by an
experienced student from a higher semester without any deliverables and organized study groups.
Zeitraum26 Apr. 2022
Ereignistitel10. Tag der Lehre der FH OÖ: Hochschuldidaktik gestern – heute – morgen
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