Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization meets Data- and Simulation-based Systems Modeling

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Prescriptive Analytics is an interdisciplinary topic in an interdisciplinary field, or put another way it is a synergistic hybridisation of various methods and algorithms from statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics and operations research. Its aim is to provide optimized recommendations for action in various application areas. In this way, knowledge gained in the digital world is brought back to the real world, providing better and more efficient procedures, designs and processes.
This talk will introduce prescriptive analytics into the broader context of analytics and show the relationship between prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence with a special focus on industrial AI.
From a system theoretic point of view, new possibilities arise in the interplay of data-based and simulation-based system modeling. In particular, when it comes to finding a compromise between accuracy and efficiency of system descriptions in the field of simulation-based optimization, the combination of data- and knowledge-based approaches opens up new possibilities.
The presentation will include methodological research topics that are currently being pursued in the HEAL research group led by Affenzeller as well as concrete project results that have already found their way into economic and industrial applications.
Zeitraum22 Feb. 2022
Ereignistitel18th International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory
Eurocast 2022: EUROCAST 2022
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