Neurophysiological Measurements in the Research Field of Digital Detoxing: Review and Implications for Future Research

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Over the past decade, stress caused by the ubiquity of digital technologies has increasingly come into focus in both scientific research and practice. One strategy that has received increasing attention in recent years to counteract the negative consequences of digital stress is digital detoxing, which refers to temporary or complete disengagement from digital technologies. To lay the foundation for future research, we reviewed existing empirical studies on digital detoxing from a neurophysiological measurement perspective. The identified empirical digital detoxing studies that included neurophysiological measurements are described along with the following factors: research objective, research method, sample size, study population, and research findings. We conclude that this increasingly relevant research topic is still at a relatively nascent stage, both in general and specifically regarding neurophysiological measurements. We anticipate that the use of measures related to the brain and human body, including nervous system activity and hormone measures, will gain relevance in future empirical research on digital detoxing.
Zeitraum31 Mai 2023
EreignistitelNeuroIS Retreat 2023
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