MS Ana: A new spectral library search engine

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We present MS Ana: a spectral library search engine built to take advantage of libraries and experimental data with high-accuracy fragment ions. MS Ana uses an improved scoring function for spectrum-to-spectrum matching in high-accuracy fragment ion data. The scoring uses several different statistical measures that focus on either peak mass or peak intensity and combines all of them to derive a scoring that makes best use of the high-accuracy data. We tested MS Ana performance on a variety of HeLA full cell digest HCD data using the NIST Human HCD spectral library. At FDR 1%, MS Ana identified on average 18.3% more unique peptides than database search with Sequest and 8.8% more unique peptides than to state-of-the-art spectral library search engine SpectraST.
Zeitraum19 Jul 2018
Ereignistitel2018 EuPA School on Practical Proteomics, Vienna
OrtWien, Österreich