Keynote Lecture: Real-World Systems Modeling and Optimization with Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms

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The focus of the talk will be on systems modeling, optimization, algorithm design and analysis with respect to real world problems using different flavors of evolutionary algorithms. A special focus will be on the analysis of algorithm dynamics in order to analyze the reasons of premature convergence which provides deeper insights about the algorithms internal behavior and gives inspiration for the design of new hybrid algorithms. The talk will cover algorithm analysis, new variants of hybrid evolutionary algorithms like offspring selection or SASEGASA and its application in the field of combinatorial optimization, Genetic Programming-based symbolic regression and classification as well as simulation based optimization. Examples of real-world applications mainly from the field of industrial applications will exemplarily show the potential of hybrid evolutionary algorithms in different mainly industrial domains. As the open source optimization framework HeuristicLab denotes the basis for all the theoretical as well as practical aspects covered in the talk, the potential of a generic framework for algorithm design, analysis and application will be one of the major inputs of the talk.
Zeitraum13 Nov. 2017
EreignistitelIWMMA The 6th international Workshop on Mathematical Models and Applications
OrtKrasnoyarsk, Russia, RusslandAuf Karte anzeigen