Keynote: Collaborative Data Experiences: Novel designs for visualizing and exploring data together

  • Hans-Christian Jetter (Redner*in)

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We are witnessing an unprecedented exponential growth in the data that we create and that we are exposed to in our daily lives. This trend towards “Big Data” promises novel applications that could revolutionize business, administration, policy making, and science. To let users experience and make sense of this data, there is already a lot of research on the algorithmic side, e.g., new methods for data mining, machine learning, etc. There is, however, much less work on how to visually communicate and present results in an “intuitive” and interactive manner, especially to groups of casual or non-expert users. I will show different examples from my research work that demonstrate how the careful design of interaction and visualization techniques can substantially improve our human-data interaction with visualisations, for example by enabling groups of users to collaborate using visual-tangible user interfaces on interactive tabletops or by working seamlessly across many mobile devices in “bring your own device scenarios". I will illustrate how a combination of applied informatics, design, and user research can help us to better understand how humans interact with data and achieve a much improved collaborative human-data experience.
Zeitraum29 Nov. 2017
Ereignistitel10th Forum Media Technology 2017
OrtSt. Pölten, ÖsterreichAuf Karte anzeigen