Influencer Authenticity – Conceptualization, Nature and Nomological Role

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Social media influencers are increasingly approached by marketers to advocate brands and products. This practice is commonly called influencer marketing. Influencers can take advantage of their reach and importance for buying decisions by obtaining rewards from marketers. Consumers are increasingly aware of this practice and hence both perceived influencer credibility and authenticity are key when it comes to influencers’ ability to persuade others. Yet, only an insignificant body of literature has investigated the concept of influencer authenticity. In this research, we shed light on the nature of this construct, its boundaries as well as its relationships with other variables responsible for consumers’ buying decisions. Our literature research not only identifies influencer authenticity’s components, but also the concept’s importance for the impact of influencers’ recommendations
Zeitraum29 Juni 202230 Juni 2022
Ereignistitel2022 Digital Marketing & eCommerce Conference
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  • Influencer
  • Authenticity
  • Credibility
  • Social media marketing