Impacts on the organizational adoption of cloud computing: A reconceptualization of influencing factors

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The attitude towards cloud computing is influenced by multiple factors acting as drivers and barriers for its adoption. This research paper aims at the reconceptualization and operationalization of widely accepted influencing factors on technology adoption in relation to cloud computing. A literature review on technological innovation characteristics in this context is conducted to identify potential gaps in ongoing research. The review also provides an overview of relevant empirical studies on cloud computing that are based on theories for innovation adoption such as the Diffusion of Innovation (DoI) theory and the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Consequently, the focus is set on the examination of the factors “compatibility”, “relative advantage”, “complexity”, “image” and “security & trust”. Furthermore, an operationalization of each factor in the context of cloud computing is provided.
Zeitraum16 Okt. 2014
EreignistitelCENTERIS 2014 - Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems / ProjMAN 2014 – International Conference on Project MANagement
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