"I thought we were one?" When consumer-brand identification cultivates shame

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Brands are essential components of consumers’ identity. Consumers regard beloved brands as extensions of their self-concepts. In case of service failures, however, this oneness is challenged: Dissatisfied consumers may feel betrayed, which ultimately triggers anger and revenge. This effect is strongly associated to brand anger. The purpose of our research is to add an inward-oriented emotional perspective by introducing brand shame to further explain the interrelationship between dissatisfaction, brand anger, and consumer-brand identification (CBI). In line with our conceptual model, the empirical results show that brand shame mediates the relationship between dissatisfaction and brand anger. More importantly, CBI moderates spillover-effects of customer dissatisfaction on subsequent negative emotions.
Zeitraum22 Sep. 202124 Sep. 2021
Ereignistitel2021 EMAC Regional Conference
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  • Marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Emotions
  • Service failure
  • Shame
  • Brand shame
  • Anger
  • Consumer brand identification
  • CBI