How to Meet ABET Standards as a European Program: Lessons Learned

  • Kamilla Trubicki (Redner*in)
  • Rabl, M. (Redner*in)

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This session will share the presenters’ experience with preparing for ABET accreditation and dealing with various pitfalls during five years of ABET preparations. It will include background information on the program, the framework in which it is situated, and explain the motivation for seeking ABET instead of the European EUR-ACE accreditation. Presenters will also explain how to overcome potential issues that might arise for international programs during the ABET accreditation preparation process.
Zeitraum15 Apr. 2016
Ereignistitel2016 ABET Symposium
OrtHollywood, Florida, USA/Vereinigte StaatenAuf Karte anzeigen