HeuristicLab: a framework for heuristic and evolutionary algorithms: Application in Logistics and Supply Chains.

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The proposed tutorial demonstrates how to apply and analyze (in the logistics and transportation area) metaheuristic optimization algorithms using the HeuristicLab open source optimization environment. It will be shown how to parameterize and execute evolutionary algorithms to solve combinatorial optimization problems (travelling salesman, vehicle routing) as well as data analysis problems (regression, classification). The attendees will learn how to assemble different algorithms and parameters settings to large scale optimization experiments and how to execute such experiments on multi-core or cluster systems. Furthermore, the experiment results will be compared using HeuristicLab’s interactive charts for visual and statistical analysis to gain knowledge from the executed test runs. To complete the tutorial, it will be sketched briefly how HeuristicLab can be extended with further optimization problems and how custom optimization algorithms can be modeled using the graphical algorithm designer.
Zeitraum14 Nov. 2013
EreignistitelWIN-LOG 2013 The International Workshop on Innovation in Logisitcs
OrtCampora San Giovanni – Amantea (CS), Calabria- Italy , ItalienAuf Karte anzeigen