Getting the right talents for the right job: a problem of the modern enterprise

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Within the conference’s theme: “modern problems of the enterprise management”, I will tackle a specific problem that many companies have in common, irrespective where they are located, what business they are operating in and what size they are. It is an old problem, enduring since the separation of workforce and ownership of corporations has taken place. However, currently, new dynamics are intensifying the problem. I am speaking about the problem of managers, firm owners, and entrepreneurs to ‘get the right talents for the right job’. In this contribution, I will concentrate on economic as well as societal, generational and leadership issues that lead to the aggravation of this problem, and I will conclude with some suggestions at the end.
Zeitraum3 März 2020
EreignistitelModern Problems of the Enterprise Management: Theory and Practice
OrtKharkiv / Torun, PolenAuf Karte anzeigen