Fatigue and Stress Levels in Digital Collaboration: A Pilot Study with Video Conferencing and the Metaverse

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This pilot study investigated the effects of digital collaboration technologies on heart rate variability (HRV), fatigue, and perceived stress. Experimental data were collected from university students who performed a digital collaboration task in either the metaverse or MS Teams. Heart rate (HR) was measured at baseline and throughout the task using an electrocardiogram-based measurement device (Polar H7 chest strap). HRV data (time domain metrics) and self-reported data were compared during and after the task and between groups. The results show that digital collaboration technologies cause a decrease in parasympathetic activity (RMSSD) with higher self-reported stress levels of individuals collaborating in metaverse compared to those working in MS Teams. These results suggest that digital collaboration technologies are related to variations in parasympathetic nervous system activity and perceived stress, suggesting that monitoring autonomic nervous system activity during digital collaboration needs to be considered to counteract symptoms of fatigue or digital stress.
Zeitraum31 Mai 2023
EreignistitelNeuroIS Retreat 2023
OrtWien, ÖsterreichAuf Karte anzeigen