Field Experience with GPS based Train Control System

Stadlmann, B. (Redner*in), Stefan Mairhofer (Redner*in), Gerhard Hanis (Redner*in)

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This paper presents the field experience with a new kind of GPS based train control system for branch lines which are operated by radio-based operational train control. Most branch lines with such operating limitation cannot afford the cost investment for modern signalling systems. The train control system presented herein is a low cost solution which improves safety, makes operation easier, and introduces an interesting level of automation without costly line-side installations. It is based on autonomous determination of train location using differential GPS and an odometer with data radio communication between the central computer and the on-board computer in the train. In Austria, this system has been in full operation since 2006 on several single-track lines with a total length of approx. 90km. This paper will therefore present the experience with this GPS based train control system and its safety aspects.
Zeitraum21 Okt 2010
EreignistitelENC GNSS 2010 The European Navigation Conference on Global Navigation Satellite Systems: null
OrtBraunschweig, Deutschland