e-Care – IHE-Compliant Exchange of Patient Data to Enable Home & Mobile Nursing Care of Elderly People within an e-Care Affinity Domain

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So far there is no connection between mobile nursing documents, documentation of nursing homes and care documentation of hospitals. Inadequate communication processes affect the quality of nursing care due to time delay and risk of errors due to repeated data entries, and therefore the quality of life for elderly people. In order to enable standardized processes and uniform communication between different systems, we develop common standards for nursing care as well as for the necessary processes. Also, we create an IT-infrastructure that is applicable to a wide range of different IT-supported care documentation systems, basing our approach on the IHE guidelines. Our system shall make care-relevant data for nursing care electronically accessible and therefore readily available to those who need it – anywhere and anytime.
Zeitraum29 Apr. 2009
Ereignistitel6th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations, ITNG 2009
SponsorPremier Hall for Advancing Science and Engineering
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