Development of parietal bone surrogates for parietal graft lift training

  • Marianne Hollensteiner (Redner*in)

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Taking split thickness bone grafts from the skull is an accepted standard practice in facial-skeletal surgery to treat traumatic or reconstructive deformities. However, the lift of cranial grafts also harbors risks such as subdural hematomas, intracranial injury or even the death of the patient. To minimize these risks, appropriate forces and speeds of the hand drives have to be applied during the surgical procedure. Currently the surgical training of parietal bone graft techniques is performed on patients or specimens but modelbased simulators would provide a safe and unrestricted training opportunity. Thus customized parietal skull surrogates were developed for surgical training purposes.
Zeitraum2 Nov. 2016
EreignistitelZweiter Kepler Science Day
OrtLinz, ÖsterreichAuf Karte anzeigen