Culture clash or perfect fit? Why entrepreneurial Higher Education governance systems need transformational leaders

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Literature reveals a strong momentum in transforming Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) into diversity-driven, innovative organisations which are able to cope with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. In reply to multifaceted external and internal requirements, HEIs have to develop governance regimes encompassing both adequate managerial structures, mechanisms/processes, and an academic tradition-conscious but also innovative leadership culture. As leadership is highly context-sensitive and mostly performed as a mix of styles, this study suggests that transformational leadership elements provide an opportunity for especially enhancing the engagement of internal stakeholder groups in the strategic positioning through organisational development/learning. By applying the `sailing ship model of academic leadership´ considerations of this study aim to highlight in-depth insight in top management behaviours which are driven by dimensions of transformational leadership so as to identify reasons for the existence of special HEI governance structures and to find arguments why transformational leadership could be promising in certain modern governance structures (decision- bodies, statues, strategic plans, staff and organisational development plans).
Zeitraum6 Sep. 2016
OrtCambridge, Großbritannien/Vereinigtes KönigreichAuf Karte anzeigen