Creative Ways of ‘Warm-up’ and Getting into Contact in Group Processes.

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Creative Ways of ‘Warm-up’ and Getting into Contact in Group Processes. Marianne Forstner, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria Linz This work-shop aims to clearly present additional values of creative methods for starting group processes and organizing warm-up-situations. In this work-shop it should be demonstrated how artistic creative methods can hold some so called additional value. A grounded hypothesis implies that artistic creative design can obtain an educational function and can offer possibilities to experience and broaden creative power and creativity especially in group-processes. Furthermore it is claimed that getting to know each other in a ‘colorful and creative way’ helps to get easier in contact, because of the assumption that we are all symbolic thinking creatures. “Visual thinking is our ability and tendency to organize feelings, thoughts, and perceptions about the world around us through images […]. We often use visual references to [for example] describe our perceptions of people and things we experience in our everyday lives.” (Malchiodi 2007, p. 9) Referring to that idea the phenomenon of artistic creative behavior of human beings since their earliest history as Homo sapiens sapiens in prehistoric times can be highlighted. We are all creators, creative and creators of ourselves… . Therefore we should activate and use this ‘artistic power, artistic potential’, the inner impulse to express ourselves creative - especially in warm-up-situations. Drawing, painting and creative creation and creative ways of getting to know each other can be seen as opportunities for experiencing creative impulse and power. In this work-shop educators, teachers, lecturers and all participants of the International Week can get into contact with these creative methods and will get the opportunity to experience the power of creativity and creative creation… . SO: Let’s get into an colorful contact – let’s experience ‘colorful ways’ of warming-up and getting to know each other… . This work-shop can be held in about 3 - 4 hours. I will offer opportunities to experience artistic, creative techniques and exercises within this international group. Bibliography Malchiodi, Cathy A. (2007): The Art Therapy Sourcebook. New York: MacGraw-Hill
Zeitraum1 Apr. 2014
Gehalten amMAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finnland