Characterization of interconnected supply chains based on network-level uncertainties

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Supply Chains are global networks that are highly dynamic and exhibit non-linear behavior. As geopolitical events, such as acts of war and state-level measures in times of pandemics, can affect these interconnected supply chains (ISC), further research into their structures, dynamics, and resilience is needed. This presentation provides uncertainties and risks that can affect the performance of ISC, based on a systematic literature review. Building on measures of these risks and uncertainties, a method to characterize an ISC is proposed. The proposed framework is then applied to the ISC of a global producer to demonstrate its applicability.
Zeitraum20 Juli 2023
EreignistitelPOMS 2023 International Conference: Unframed Thinking
OrtParis, FrankreichAuf Karte anzeigen


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Uncertainties