Best Practice Solutions of Chemical Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Hannelore Hofmann-Prokopczyk (Redner*in)

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ChemLog represents a project, which aims to strengthen the overall competitiveness of the Chemical Industry by improving the framework conditions for Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe. In order to reach this primary goal, several sub‐objectives had been stated at the beginning of the project. Among these future achievements, one implied the transfer of transnational know‐how and technology in respect of the development of efficient logistics systems. Therefore, prior to this Best Practice Analysis, a SWOT Analysis was carried out in 2009. Regarding to this first analytical phase, which was an element of the work package 3 – Analysis and Exchange of Experience and the main input for the upcoming work packages such as Investment Preparation and Strategy Development – the involved project partners had to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within their regional Chemical Industry and chemical logistics respectively. Moreover, an agenda of needs for future actions and improvements represented the conclusion of the SWOT Analysis and, of course, the basis for the implementation of feasibility studies in work package 4.
Zeitraum3 Feb. 2010
EreignistitelChemLog Working Group Meeting
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