Animating Interactive Spaces

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What used to be clearly defined boundaries separating the various types and genres of digital animation have become blurred. New varieties of animated forms have gotten established—so-called expanded animation that takes leave of the cinema’s “black box” for settings such as public squares, museums and virtual spaces. These animated realms manifest themselves as projection mappings, installations, trans-media projects, interactive and reactive works, media façades and diverse hybrids blending elements of animation, computer gaming, theatre and performance. The presentation will address the subject of expanded animation in the context of gaming and playful activities. We will focus on co-located interactive environments in large display settings that allow the interaction between multiple actors. Inhabiting and modifying those spaces is granted via natural mapped interfaces that incorporate technologies such as position trackers and mobile devices. However, several design challenges in regard to animation arise when conceptualizing and creating experiences within the context of co-located and interactive playful environments: the issues under consideration will be the mapping of the actors’ actions, their representation within the virtual environment, as well as new forms of narration via interaction. Based on a research project and various artistic projects for the Deep Space at Ars Electronica Center, Linz novel approaches of animation in interactive spaces will be discussed.
Zeitraum29 Juni 2016
Ereignistitel28th Annual International Society for Animation Studies Conference
OrtSingapur, SingapurAuf Karte anzeigen