Analysis of plant materials pre-treated by steam explosion technology for their usability as insulating materials

  • Alexander Jäger (Redner*in)

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Raw materials of annual plants fibres are not easily usable for industrial production applications. Pre-treatment of the annual plant fibres is necessary to increase the homogeneity of the material and to improve the material properties. This study deals with the influence of steam explosion treatment on the quality of annual plant fibres used as insulating material. Maize and wheat straw were selected for production of insulating panels. To clarify the changes within the structure of the plants due to the pre-treatment process material analysis was carried out using FT-IR spectroscopy and raster electron microscope. Furthermore, the bulk density and the thermal conductivity were analysed as important values for insulating materials. The results showed that the pre-treatment process homogenizes the materials and the processes could be used for the production of bulk insulation.
Zeitraum9 Mai 2019
Ereignistitel10th International Conference Biosystems Engineering 2019, Tartu
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