About the use of X-ray tomography for the characterization of fibre reinforced polymers

  • Dietmar Salaberger (Redner*in)
  • Plank, B. (Redner*in)
  • Michael Jerabek (Redner*in)
  • Kastner, J. (Redner*in)
  • Thomas Koch (Redner*in)

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For the characterization of fibres in polymer composite materials several methods are available. The standard methods for the determination of fibre orientation and length distribution are destructive, well established and commonly used. Since the destructive modality has disadvantages with respect to statistics, effort and accuracy, complementary methods are preferable. Methods using X-ray computed tomography have been developed that can give useful information for short fibre reinforced polymers. High resolution and good data quality is mandatory for accurate quantification of orientation and length. This contribution discusses results from different CT analysis tools for selected specimens. The accuracy of fibre length and orientation was determined in two ways. Comparisons with standard methods show consistencies between methods and advantages and limitations of methods. A semi-automatically generated ground truth by fitting cylinders for every fibre was used to investigate sources and scales of error. Using 2 µm voxel size almost 94 % of the fibres are characterized correctly meaning that position, orientation and length are consistent with the ground truth. Reproducibility of mean length and orientation tensor elements are below 2 %. XCT analyses were performed on different injection molded specimens to show the applicability of the method. At different positions of sheets with 2 mm thickness, specimens were cut out for high resolution scanning. A distinct layered structure in terms of orientation was observed. Comparison with sectioning method showed good accordance of orientation through sheet thickness. At the positon of a weld line fibre orientation is disturbed but can be determined entirely in 3D using the XCT method.
Zeitraum21 Sep. 2015
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