A versatile micropatterning approach for studying live cell signaling events

  • Weghuber, J. (Redner*in)
  • Peter Lanzerstorfer (Redner*in)
  • Ulrike Müller (Redner*in)
  • Hager, R. (Redner*in)
  • Cindy Dirscherl (Redner*in)
  • Christoph Niemeyer (Redner*in)
  • Sebastian Springer (Redner*in)

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Protein-protein interactions are an important part of biological processes, above all in cellular signal transduction, which transfers stimuli through the cell membrane into the cytosol. Ligand-activated cell membrane receptors lead to the co-recruitment of membrane-anchored as well as cytosolic adapter proteins and subsequent triggering of the respective intracellular signal transduction cascade. Here, we present a versatile live cell assay based on antibody micropatterns that allows the visualization, measurement, and quantitation of such interactions in the natural environment of the cell. Methodological variations and the potential of the micropatterning assay are demonstrated on the basis of different biological examples.
Zeitraum28 Okt. 2019
EreignistitelMiniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
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