A cosmopolite snow alga turns out to be local: ecophysiology of Chloromonas brevispina (Chlorophyceae) from the Austrian Alps

  • Remias, D. (Redner*in)
  • Lenka Procházková (Redner*in)
  • Linda Nedbalová (Redner*in)

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The biodiversity of extremophilic microalgae thriving polar and alpine snow fields is still under investigation. Due to the lack of cultured strains from many regions and for many species, field blooms of green algae causing reddish snow were collected at Tyro-lean Alps (Austria) and High Tatra Mountains (Slovakia). In a polyphasic approach, populations are compared in terms of morphology, photosynthetic performance, secondary pigmentation and phylogeny. For the latter, genes like 18S rDNA, ITS2 and rbcL are used.
Zeitraum20 Sep. 2016
EreignistitelMeeting of the Czech phycological society (CAS 2016)
OrtPrag, Tschechische RepublikAuf Karte anzeigen